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boneslegendaryhands asked:

So, the one night stand whoops your my boss AU. Can I get Nick's reaction, pleaaaaaaaaaaase? <3


Nick sat at his desk, flipping his stylus back and forth over his knuckles while he stared at a design on his computer monitor. However, his attention kept wandering down the hall to the boss’s office.

To Kelly’s office.

Mr. Abbott

Nick snorted softly and rubbed the back of his neck. Of course a one-night stand would turn out to be his boss the next day. He’d skimmed through the online employee FAQ on HR’s portal but he didn’t find anything explicit about sleeping with your boss, but let’s be real here, dipping your pen in the company ink was rather frowned on.

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Okay this? Is not okay. Ever.

I’m getting really sick of seeing this reader entitlement thing where readers email the authors to demand the next book or skewer them for the release schedule not being conducive to their personal desires.

  1. There was a year between Touch & Geaux and Ball & Chain.
  2. A year (or more) between book releases is pretty much standard in the publishing industry. Anything less than a year is luck and probably some pretty creative finagling by the publisher because of marketing reasons or to coincide with a convention or other major event. Or that is a specific agreement set up by that author and their editor/publisher and is not to be used by you as a yardstick for all other book releases.
  3. All that to say, it is never up to the author when their books are released. That is set by the publisher according to their production calendar. The publisher has to look at how many editors they have, how many copy editors they have, what the schedule at the book printers looks like to get the book printed on time, and a host of other details for every single one of their authors. It takes a lot of work. More work than you can imagine.
  4. Books don’t just happen. Say your book is 100,000 words long and on a good day, you can write 3,000 of those words. ON A GOOD DAY. That doesn’t take into account life: family, job (if you have one), school, sickness, injury, grocery shopping, paying the bills, watching tv (because authors aren’t robots and deserve down time for entertainment purposes to recharge), reading books, sleeping, writer’s block, messing up and having to remove scenes and redo what you’ve already written, scrapping the project and starting over because it’s not coming together, etc. It’s still going to take you anywhere from 3-6 months to get that book done (maybe more). Then the book goes to the editor, who takes anywhere from 1-2 months to read it (sometimes shorter depending on work load and, again, production schedule). We’re at roughly 6-8 months now. Then the book goes back to the author for major revisions. Those usually take 1 month to finish. Then the editor reads it again. Other people read it for mistakes. Another few weeks (let’s say a month to keep it easy and rounded). It goes back to the author again to make corrections on the nitpicky level. Then comes all the formatting and page proofing and making sure it’s been converted in to ebook format properly and that the bound book looks good and nothing got janky in the process. This is why it takes a year.
  5. Stop being an asshole to authors who actually care about the books they’re writing. When you send messages like this, it does not have your intended effect of “oh sorry, my bad, I’ll get that book done faster for you.” It has the effect of “Fuck you, I really lost the motivation to write it now because it’s not going to make you happy anyway so why bother.”

And that’s just fucking shitty.

Stop being assholes to authors. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t send the email. Bitching to them about anything, especially something they have zero control over, is malicious and, frankly, immature.

We’re better than this.

sooooo very true! do people think writing is that easy (it maybe for some idk) but umm writers have lives too. and a book doesn’t just magically happen. and in my mind, if i reallyyyy love a series / author i have no prbs waiting for the next book at all, because it will be worth the wait!

i’ll never understand why some readers feel they have to be this way, um and i’m pretty sure for the couple of people who won’t be reading the books there’ll be tons more new fans who will, because they’re aren’t crazy super entitled idiots who can’t understand a simple thing like creating something takes time -__-‘ 

and let’s not forget that Abi’s had serious health issues the past year.  So of course writing had to take a backseat to her freaking health and recovery.

And seriously, series books generally dohave a year between them.  I love series, because I know these characters and I’m invested in them.  I read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series - the books are released in June.  Lillian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who… series - one a year (and those books are light fluffy, read-in-a-couple-of-hours books).  Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flannagan; they were every six months in the beginning, but shifted to one a year as they got more complex.  Also, probably shifted so the international and Australian markets would coincide, early releases took a year to get to the states.  So Abi having a year between books, AND dealing with health issues AND being a single mother to a small child AND generally being a human being who can’t work on one thing to the exclusion of all else.  Yeah, a year is fine.

So fuck you with the horse you rode in on.  I’ll be happy to wait a year for the boys, and enjoy the other stuff she is able to put out inbetween.

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